Rohini Consultancy Services

At Rohini Consultancy Services, our vast knowledge of the IT field gives us a distinct advantage over a typical staffing service.

Our recruiters know first place which applicant is the perfect fit for the job. We will only send you candidates that are perfectly qualified for your needs and those who are immediately ready to join your organization.

  Our Recruitment Focus Areas :
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Web Application Development using Microsoft and Java Technologies

  • Native, Hybrid & Web Mobile Development (Android/iOS)

  • Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Migration

  • Software Testing

  • Enterprise portal development

  We Provides :
  • Best IT professionals that understand your exact needs
  • Friendly, courteous service from a trusted partner
  • The expertise to allow your technology to expand seamlessly
  • A massive database of pre-screened candidates and industry experts
  Our Recruitment Process :
  • We consult with you to assess your needs and understand your organization, its culture, business goals as well as job your requirements.

  • JD (Job Description) is shared with RC Services

  • We determine the best strategy to source suitable candidates - advertisements,  referrals, or utilizing to our extensive database.

  • Once we have identified potential candidates, we screen their profiles and contact those who best match your job specifications.

  • We present you with a list of qualified candidates and their brief profiles and recommend those who best meet your specifications, based on our initial interviews with them.

  • On receiving your shortlist, we schedule mutually convenient meetings between you and each candidate.

  • Once Candidate is interviewed , sending offer letter, and joining formalities are completed then our payment process will be initiated.
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